Travelling with camping equipment / kayaks / bikes / diving equipment


At beginning of your journey
  1. PLEASE TAKE YOUR luggage/equipment and passengers to the quay before coming to us to park your car. Luggage can be dropped to the quay from 7.15 am onwards.
  2. The DRIVER of the vehicle then brings their car to our car park.
  3. We then take the DRIVER back to the quay.

All of the above is included in the price of the parking.

On return from your journey
  1. On your return our shuttle bus will be waiting at the end of the quay to take the DRIVER ONLY back to the car park to collect their car.
  2. The DRIVER then returns to the quay to collect their passengers and luggage.
  3. By the time you get back to the quay it will be less busy and you will be able to drive straight onto the quay.
  4. If you are a single parent travelling with children and camping equipment or wish to discuss any of the above please call 01736 740277.
Extra luggage

Please note if you turn up with any of the above equipment you will be asked to take it to the quay and you may miss the ferry. Plus there will be an additional cost to take you to the boat.

How much will it cost?

Enter your arrival and departure date and times below and we will calculate your parking cost.
For a 9.15 am sailing please arrive by 7.45 am.